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    One Man Outerwear is Mia Melon's little brother. As Mia Melon establishes itself as a leader in weatherproof fashion outerwear for women there has been an overwhelming request from a men's label using the same great fashionable fabrics. Why not? Men appreciate fashion and want to look good. And men are intrigued with technology, so it makes sense to deliver high tech fashion outerwear for men as well. Up until now, weatherproof outerwear comes in the form of sporty, bright, big logo'd camping or ski jackets. But what about men who want to look good going out on a first date, hanging out with the guys or just around town when the weather is bad? Men, we bring you One Men Outerwear!

    Feel warm and comfortable in any weather conditions without looking like you're about the hit the trails. One Man Outerwear is highly fashionable, versatile and cost effective.

    To visit Mia Melon's website, click here.